At Epic Construction, the relationships we build and maintain are just as strong the structures we construct. These relationships are built on principles of integrity, honesty, safety, and continuous improvement. Together with our clients, employees, suppliers, and stakeholders, we improve work environments, preserve history, and create communities.

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Land & Building Development

Creating thriving communities from the ground up.

Every business plan begins with a passion and an idea, but sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. With Epic’s building knowledge and connections to property and real estate, we’re able to help you take that first step toward putting the wheels in motion.

Steel Erection

Providing aesthetically appealing buildings with optimum functionality.

Epic is an authorized dealer and builder of Varco-Pruden buildings. Pre-engineered metal buildings offer a multitude of design possibilities, including customizable framing, roof options and a variety of exterior finishes. Construction takes one third of the time that a conventional structure requires, which equates to your ability to begin making your investment work for you!

Epic Construction is proud to employ a group of the leading metal building erectors in the Tri-State area. The individuals that work for us have over 150 years combined experience putting up these structures, and it shows from the moment they step onto the jobsite. What we do is very unique to the construction industry, and is the heart of our company.

Design & Build Services

Integrating your build from design to construction.

Many projects we complete begin with a simple sketch and a meeting to discuss your budget and vision. It’s difficult to find a single source who is able to design, engineer and finish construction from a simple beginning, but it’s something that we pride ourselves in.

Epic Construction treats each building as though it were our own by presenting ideas and options that will allow you to stay within the budget and schedule, making sure you’re a part of the process every step of the way.

General Contracting

For all of your commercial or industrial building needs.

Epic realizes the importance of timeliness, organization and professionalism that comes with what we do.

We staff each of our projects with the right people, from our office and field employees to the subcontractors we select, to ensure a smooth transition from one section of work to the next.

Construction Management

Coordinating your project from conception to completion.

From conception to completion, Epic Construction understands the process and requirements of managing a project throughout all phases of construction. Our experienced office team ensures that all of the submittals, contracts, purchase orders, change orders, etc. are approved and distributed, and that the building is completed according to the Architect’s contract documents. All that will be left for you to do at the end of the project is move in!